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Bruce and I so much enjoyed owning and operating Brookside Inn. We wrote down a dream ten years ago and realized the dream five years ago; however, as our first press release stated “The time has come the walrus said….”. I am ready to move on, and I feel very fortunate that the new owner of the property has some of the same visions Bruce and I had.

When we settled into Brookside Inn our purpose was to determine what the valley and area needed. We were welcomed with open arms and very quickly made friends. We were at total ease here in the valley and appreciate all the friendships that still endure today.

There is no better testament to the sense of belonging than when a guest comes back from a day in the valley and they tell me who all says hello and who all stated accolades about Brookside Inn and what Bruce and I created. We had the pleasure of hosting guests from all over the world and the country. Over the last five years I have built some fabulous relationships with my guests. I enjoyed listening to the conversation at the breakfast table and helping each guest determine a plan for their day. I will miss my guests, and I trust you will stay tuned to the next chapter of Brookside Inn.

New owner, Chandler & Newville, Inc., will take some time to make some needed improvements at Brookside Inn. The Brookside Inn website will continue to keep all of you informed. This is such a great property–lots of positive energy. Please look forward to coming for a visit when Brookside Inn is ready to reopen.

Brookside Inn

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Brookside Inn on Abbey Road, Carlton, Oregon

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