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From its inception, the Brookside Inn has always been devoted to preserving the sacredness of its space. Though there is much attention given to spirit, The Brookside Inn maintains a neutrality for their visitors, so that the peace and joy can be made available for all who visit our Bed and Breakfast, no matter what religion, perspective, or spirituality they hold.

Beginning in 1994, a California couple with a calling to build a place of healing and renewal were drawn to this property. They immediately felt the presence of God and received reassurance that the property was “His Hiding Place” for all His people, believing it would also be a place where God would heal their own marriage. The couple built the Inn with a solid foundation of scripture, prayer and trust.  They followed the Lord’s leading in all aspects of designing, building and establishing a place of ministry and service to others. This began the journey of healing, renewal and release for all who stepped onto the property. Everyone who visited experienced a connection to the creator in whatever manifestation He took.

After some time, the couple sensed that their work at the Inn was completed and that the Inn was to “expand its tent pegs” for an even greater purpose. The Inn was sold and was operated as a B&B. After a few years, it was sold again at an auction to a local businessman who bought it as an investment. But he soon realized that God had brought him to reclaim the Inn’s purpose of healing, renewal and release.  Working side by side with his realtor, the businessman renovated the Inn, expanding it and positioning it to be “His hiding place for all of His people”.

Twenty-one years later, the current Innkeepers, Jerry and Erika Tindall, became the next leg in the journey of the Inn. Following God’s promptings to step out in faith, they accepted their calling to come and steward the heaven they found in this space. With only faith and God’s words saying “Now is the time,” they watched the businessman and donors come together to position the Oregon B&B property to be re-opened just 60 days after being called by God. The Tindall’s are dedicated to the property’s purpose; bringing together holistic stewardship of land, food, and family.

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