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About the Innkeepers of Brookside Inn of Carlton Oregon

More Than a Dream

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of wine and food, of friend and foe,
And all else that this life brings.”

Apologies to Lewis Carroll.

We have been on a life path that has taken us from Iowa to California to New York to Michigan to Illinois to Washington and now Oregon. When Bruce turned 50 we were in Chicago. He asked for a plan on how we were going to spend the rest of our lives, assuming we would have some control over it. Part of that list was to find a part of the world we enjoyed; move there; slow down and – the final item – find or build a business we could operate. We had specifically mentioned a Bed & Breakfast or an Inn.

Well, we moved to Seattle and found we loved the Northwest – the weather, people and lifestyle. But after four years the slowing down part did not happen. Susan was the CFO for a small company and Bruce was the Director of Biostatistics and Data Management at a biotech company. The summer of 2006, after the loss of two siblings, we started looking into the slowing down part. We found a place to do that.

This is more than a dream; it is a change in our lifestyle. So, we looked at a lot of properties here in the Willamette Valley, Eastern Washington and the South West. For several reasons we settled on Western Oregon Wine Country and in June of 2007 we purchased the property now known as Brookside Inn on Abbey Road.

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